A new dance & movement studio in the heart of Østerbro

Inflow Dance & Movement Studio is opening its doors in 2021. The concept is to create a warm, welcoming space centered around dance and movement. At Inflow, we want to make things as easy for you as possible, so we’re offering you a wide selection of classes and flexibility to fit your training into a busy everyday life.

We believe that dance and movement is for everyone, and as such, all our classes take place in ENGLISH, and English is the official language of the school. However, many of our teachers also speak Danish and you are welcome to submit any inquiries to us in Danish as well.

What we guarantee you is a minimum of 25 classes per week in a broad range of styles, and these classes may vary from week to week, giving you some diversity. This means you need to look at the schedule each week to see what’s on offer.

We encourage you ro try out the broad range of classes that we offer! We try to create a diverse schedule for you, to keep you active and moving but using the body in a variety of ways. We believe that by training in various ways, you can train your body and mind in a more balanced way.