Corona Regulations

Updated May 12th, 2021

We are allowed to open our doors as of May 6th, 20201. However, these are the guidelines and precautions we take to keep you safe!


  • Wear a mask inside the studio until the moment you are inside the dance studio, and the class is starting. Once the class is over, or during breaks, everyone must wear a mask.*
  • Keep a distance of at lease 1,5 meters physical distance to other dancers/movers/teachers
  • Use the provided hand sanitizer as you enter the studio
  • Use the provided mat sanitizer to wipe down any equipment used (ball, yoga mat, elastic, barre etc)
  • Bring your valid corona pass (proof of PCR or quick test max 72 hours old OR proof of vaccine OR proof of recently having had a corona infection)*
  • Stay home if you have any symptoms of Corona.


  • We have extra cleaning of the studio, to make sure the space is safe for you
  • We ventilate the studio between every class
  • We limit the number of students so that every student has 4m2 of space during the class
  • Partner dancing is closed until May 21st. Until then, Brazilian Zouk and Bachata run as solo dance classes. From May 21st, we will follow the guidelines for partner dancing.

*If you are exempt from wearing a mask or having a valid corona pass for health reasons, please tell your teacher this.