Private Classes

The quickest way to improve your dance!

All privates are with Caroline Haugsted.

  • Choose how many classes you want and book your classes by email to
  • Show up at the studio 5-10 minutes before your class
  • For 1 hour you will have the full attention of the teacher, who will guide you in the style of your choice. No experience necessary, we are here to help you!


2 Teachers

1 Hour: 500 DKK

4 Hours: 1.700 DKK

8 hours: 2.600 DKK

1 Teacher

1 Hour: 350 DKK

4 hours 1.200 DKK

8 hours 1.800 DKK

*Packages must be used within 3 months of purchase date.


5 Reasons to Take Private Classes

Customized Classes

Something specific you want to learn? Just ask the teacher! The curriculum of the class will be personalized for your needs.

Faster Progress

You will have the full attention from the teacher and therefore also more personal feedback and tips. Get the most possible out of the hour!

Flexible Scheduling

Work late? Early? Got plans to travel but still want to join? Schedule your class when you have time! Cancel up to 12 hours before with a full refund.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Group classes follow the average pace of the group, but in private classes you can learn the same material slower or faster, following your learning curve.

Build Confidence

Sometimes it's hard to start with group classes. Build your confidence in privates so you are 100% ready to join our group classes!

What People Say About Caroline


Caroline is a great and very patient teacher with lots of experience and in-depth knowledge. She teaches with passion and has excellent technique, is always friendly and happy and very professional. I highly recommend her classes and am sure everyone can learn something new from Caroline.



Fantastic teacher - her technical skills are impressive even for a teacher, and her instructions are clear and easy to follow. I have never taken a class with her without feeling the positive impact on my dancing.



Caroline is really a great teacher! I took her online classes in Barre and Zouk Solo Technique and she really manages to explain relevant details, answers questions, provides useful feedback and it's a lot of fun as well. I will definitely continue to take her classes 🙂



I have been taking Caroline’s online zouk classes for almost 4 months now and I absolutely love them! She is combining her professional dance education with all that the most famous brazilian zouk artists teach. Not only does she teach detailed zouk technique, she also never forgets to do proper warmup, strengthening and stretching during her classes which shows that she is a true professional. She’s really the only zouk teacher you need!


Great zoukteacher with excelent pedagogical skills. Her structured and well planned teaching both works great in online classes and in real life!
Caroline's way of explaining and conveying details in technique has helped me a lot in improving my own dancing technique, balance, posture and movement in general. Every class enriches my dancing and my confidence in my steps and movement!
I attended a four-week online dance course with Caroline and I enjoyed it very much. Caroline is so kind and friendly and has a great wealth of knowledge and the ability to share this knowledge. Her explanations are clear and understandable. To all the questions we had during the course, she knew an answer. For example, when I did not know why a part of the body did not move as I intended, she drew my attention to another part of the body that I had not been aware of, but which is very important for the movement process. I would definitely recommend her and hope to meet her in person soon 😍.
Caroline is a great teacher and dancer. I took her 4 weeks Zouk Solo Technique classes and I felt motivated along the way. She is thorough and explains the simplest steps in detail which helped me to make my dance more precise. The classes are well prepared and progressive. You just want to dance and learn more and more. I'm looking forward to taking her classes again.