§ 1 Registration
All registrations are binding and you are only guaranteed a spot in the class or workshop when payment is received and you have booked your spot. Registrations for all classes, workshops and private classes at Inflow are personal and may not be shared with or taken over by others. You are personally responsible for the correctness of the information entered.

To guarantee the best learning experience, Inflow reserves the right to cancel/change your enrolment if there is no place in the class or if it is considered that your level does not match the class (this does not apply for open level classes).

§ 2 Receipt and payment
After you register online and your payment has been received, you will receive a receipt by e-mail. If nothing else is agreed in writing, all payments must be received on the day that the registration is made. Credit on your account is valid up to 1 year. Unused credit expires after 1 year.

§ 3 Monthly Memberships
Monthly Memberships are personal and are set to auto-renew every month after the first payment by card. Your membership tells you how many classes per month you have access to. The classes must be used within the month. If the classes are unused at the end of the month, they cannot be transferred and they become invalid. When you register for a Monthly Membership you commit to a minimum of 3 months. After 3 months, you can resign your membership with current month + 1 month notice.

From June 2022 Monthly memberships are no longer offered and all current monthly membership are set to expire in September 2022.

§ 4 Single classes and 10-class cards
Single classes are valid for 1 month from purchase and 10-class cards are valid for 3 months from purchase. After expiration, the cards can no longer be used. The class passes are personal and cannot be shared amongst several people. All cards expire at the end of September 2022.

§ 4 Cancellation
Once payment of the class/workshop has been completed, you will not be able to obtain a refund. Payment for classes can be transferred to another class in the same month. Workshop registration is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Memberships are personal and have a cancellation period of current month + 1 month. To cancel your membership you must write an email to info@inflowstudio.dk. You cancellation will be processed from the date the email is sent.

§ 5 Changes to the curriculum
Inflow guarantees that each week there are classes on the schedule, but reserves the right to…:

… if necessary, move the classes to a different time and/or day
… to change the teacher in case of illness, travel or similar
… change the style of the class (in case of a replacement teacher)
… cancel a class if there are not enough participants

When changing the curriculum, an email is sent to enrolled students. It is the student’s own responsibility to make sure that emails from info@inflowstudio.dk do not end up in the spam filter. Changes in schedule and cancellations will also always be announced on the website and it is the students’ own responsibility to keep up to date. Inflow is not responsible for students who show up for a cancelled or changed class. In case of a cancelled workshop, you will be offered a refund or credit.

§ 6 Private Classes
The time and place of private classes are agreed in writing with your teacher. Private classes can be rebooked until 24 hours before they are held. No replacement hours and no refund of amounts paid will be granted if you exceed the rebooking deadline. In case of no-show, you are charged for the full amount and payment is due on the day of the private class. Private class packages expire 3 months from first class.

§ 7 Liability
The student is responsible for being in a state of health that allows participation in dance and movement activities
Participation in the classes/workshops is at your own risk. Inflow takes no responsibility for accidents or injuries that occur during or as a result of the teaching.

While staying at Inflow or on the premises, Inflow is not responsible for your personal belongings.

It is your responsibility to inform the teacher of any injury, or other factors that affect your ability to move before the class/workshop starts.

§ 8 Privacy Policy
Inflow will keep your personal information safe and not sell them or make them available to third parties.

§ 9 Using photos and videos on the web
You hereby grant your permission for Inflow to take situational images and videos in and of the teaching where you participate and that these may be published, for example on the internet, social media or website.

§ 10 No-Show Fee
If you have booked a spot in a class, you can cancel your booking online up to 2 hours before the class with no charge. If you book the class and do not show up, or cancel the class less than 2 hours before the start of the class, you will be charged a no-show fee. This no-show fee is 25 DKK for all types of memberships and class cards with unlimited training (including the downtown 60 days unlimited training offer), and if you have a single class, 10-class card, or 5 or 10 classes per month membership, you will be charged for the class. You must sign in with the teacher at the start of the class to avoid a no-show fee. This is your own responsibility.

§ 12 Waiting list
You can register to be on a waiting list for a class that is full. 15 minutes before the class, the waiting list will be opened and any free spots will be delegated to those on the waiting list. If you are on the waiting list but do not show up, you will also be given a no-show fee.

§ 13 Studio Rules
– Outdoor shoes must be left at the bottom of the stairs on or near the shoe rack
– Outdoor jackets and wet clothes must be left on the hooks at the bottom of the stairs. No wet clothes, shoes or umbrellas may be brought upstairs.
– Indoor shoes only upstairs
– No shoes with rubber soles or black soles upstairs
– Please leave the studio in the state that you found it and clean up after yourselves

§ 14 Rules of Conduct
At Inflow, we want to provide a safe, fun and educational training for all our students. We believe that good ethics, common sense and respect are fundamental to creating a good dance environment and should also be qualities that all dancers have. In order to offer a safe and motivating atmosphere in the classes, we ask teachers and students to follow Inflow behavioural guidelines and Inflow has the right to expel students who violate the rules of conduct. No illegal substances are permitted in the studio, including in the kitchen, bathroom, hallways, and other common facilities. There is a no-smoking policy inside the studio and on the premises, including in the courtyard. We have neighbours, so please keep your noise at a minimum in the courtyard after 22.00. 

Policy last updated June 2022.